Signs Of Pregnancy: The Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Most women don’t get to know that they are pregnant until they get a pregnancy test done. This happens as the signs of pregnancy could well be mistaken for the signs of some other problem. Depending on how close you are attached to your body rhythms, you might think that you are pregnant. There are many first signs of pregnancy, and at least three signs together can confirm pregnancy. Some of the females experience no sign of pregnancy for quite some time whereas some females feel the first signs of pregnancy when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.

The most common signs of pregnancy are:

1. Missed period: You can confirm pregnancy by doing a pregnancy test. This test should be done when you miss your periods.

2. Craving for food: Food craving is likely to be one of the few positive feelings that you have if you are pregnant. If you like and want to eat something that you never liked very desperately or if you want to eat something at a very odd time, this could be a symptom of pregnancy. However, this cannot be said to confirm pregnancy unless accompanied by one or two more symptoms.

3. Darkening of your nipples: when you find black nipples, you can feel it as a sign of pregnancy. This could also be due to an imbalance in the hormones which has no relation to pregnancy.

4. Frequent urination: If you feel like going to the bathroom very frequently, this could be due to the implant of an embryo and a hormone that is produced during pregnancy.

5. Implantation bleeding: If you are suspecting confirm pregnancy, you might find spots of orange blood nearing your monthly cycle. The other symptom likely is that about eight days after ovulation, you might experience implantation spotting.

6. Fatigue: This is one of the confirmed symptoms of pregnancy. A release of a hormone makes you feel exhausted even though you have not overworked.

7. Morning sickness: Morning sickness begins immediately after a few days of conception. You may start feeling nauseated and uneasy. This sickness can be either in the morning, noon or at night.

8. Swollen breasts: you might feel very tender in your breasts, and they get sensitive to touch, then you could likely be pregnant. This pain in the breasts subsides when the body gets used to the hormone surge.

9. Varied taste buds: You might feel that your taste buds have become very sensitive. Some develop a very crisp taste all the time. Some women feel they can’t tolerate tea or coffee. A very positive symptom of pregnancy is when you start disliking your favorite food.

10. A positive home pregnancy test: To confirm your pregnancy, you have to do a paper test, and if a blue line appears in the test window, you are most likely pregnant. You should take advice from a good gynecologist and check for the result.

Congratulations! Start preparing for the future as a new guest is arriving in the family.