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Zolpidem (Ambien)

Ambien is hypnotic synthetic drug of fast-acting, significantly improves the quality and duration of sleep. Ambien generic name is Zolpidem.

Pharmacological effect

Ambien on group of imidazopyridines, on the pharmacological activity is quite close to the benzodiazepines. It is imbued with the same mechanisms of action, that drugs of this group: sedative, anxiolytic, sedative, muscle relaxant, amnesic, anticonvulsant.

Active ingredient in Ambien Zolpidem interacts selectively with the central benzodiazepine receptor type I, therefore, sedation fixed at lower doses than the doses required for anticonvulsant, muscles relaxing and anxiolytic effects. Zolpidem has the ability to speed up the period of sleep and much reduces the number of awakenings, which affects the overall duration and quality of sleep. Ambien active ingredient has the ability to extend the II stage of sleep and provide a deep sleep. In total duration of REM sleep the active substance don’t affect.


Medication Ambien is applied during situational or prolonged sleep disorders: difficulty falling asleep; night and early awakenings; insomnia.

Immediately before the use of the drug it is necessary to establish the true cause of sleep disorders. If within 2 weeks of improvement does not occur, then in that case we are talking about a depression, or mental health disorders.


The drug Ambien has contraindications:

  • sleep apnea;
  • congenital galactosemia;
  • lactase deficiency;
  • galactose or glucose malabsorption syndrome;
  • severe and / or acute respiratory failure;
  • chronic or severe acute hepatic failure (the probability of encephalopathy development);
  • hypersensitivity to the drug substance;
  • I trimester of pregnancy;
  • up to 18 years.
    • Take with the care in case of:

    • drug addiction;
    • alcoholism;
    • depression;
    • medical (disorder) and other forms of addiction;
    • hepatic function disorders;
    • myasthenia gravis.
    • Dosing and Administration

      Take Ambien at bedtime or while in bed - orally. Recommended Ambien schedule: adults up to 65 years - 10 mg ambien, higher than the specified age and hepatic function disorders - 5mg. Treatment should be started with the lowest dose, and the maximum dose a day is 10 mg. Ambien is taken 2-3 weeks, but not more than one month in case of situational insomnia. Cancel of the drug should be consistent in order to reduce the risk of rebound insomnia. In the case of transient insomnia drug is taken 2-5 days, while the gradual elimination of the drug is not necessary.

      Side effects

      The use of Ambien medication leads to side effects:


      • headache;
      • drowsiness;
      • dizziness;
      • strengthening of insomnia;
      • feeling of intoxication;
      • anterograde amnesia;
      • nightmares;
      • excitation;
      • hallucinations.


      • irritability;
      • confusion;
      • dysphoria;
      • impairment of consciousness;
      • aggressiveness;
      • somnambulism;
      • ataxia;
      • gait disturbance;
      • decreased sex drive;
      • fall;
      • addiction to the drug.

      Visual organ:

      • diplopia.

      Digestive System:

      • stomach ache;
      • nausea;
      • diarrhea;
      • vomiting;
      • increase activity of hepatic enzymes.

      Musculoskeletal system:

      • weakness in the muscles.

      Dermatological reactions:

      • hyperhidrosis;
      • itching;
      • rash.

      Allergic reactions:

      • hives;
      • angioedema.

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